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Firearm Transfers

Gun Transfers
Before you buy a gun online give us a call to see if we can match or beat the price.

Tunbridge Firearms is a licensed FFL Dealer authorized to receive gun transfers into and out of the state of Vermont. We offer our customers a reasonable fee of $25 to complete the transfer.  We will work hard to make sure your transfer goes smoothly. However, it is important that you understand the laws!
Firearm transfers not picked up within 75 days subject to a $250 fee plus $1 a day storage   and /or return to selling FFL at buyer's expense

Looking to transfer a gun into the state of Vermont from out of State?

  • You must have proof of VT residency
  • Examples of documents that may be accepted to supplement information on a driver's license or other identification document include a vehicle registration, a recreation identification card, a fishing or hunting license, a voter identification card, or a tax bill. However, the document in question must be valid and must have been issued by a government agency.
  • The required valid government-issued photo identification document bearing the name, photograph, and date of birth of the transferee may be supplemented by another valid, government-issued document showing the transferee's residence address. A member of the Armed Forces on active duty is a resident of the State in which his or her permanent duty station is located, and may satisfy the identification document requirement by presenting his or her military identification card along with official orders showing that his or her permanent duty station is within the State where the licensed premises are located.
  • A satisfactory identification of a firearms purchaser must include the purchaser's name, age or date of birth, place of residence, and signature. ATF ruling also held that while a particular document may not be sufficient to meet the statutory requirement for identifying the purchaser, any combination of documents that together disclosed the required information would be acceptable

Once the firearm has been transferred to us, we will call you for pickup.


​If you're purchasing a pistol from our store and you live outside of Vermont, make sure the pistol is compliant with your state law. The pistol will be shipped to an authorized FFL Dealer located in your state. Please email us or call with the FFL Dealer information. 
More than a Gun Store

  • Doing business locally and providing great service
  • Selling of NEW and USED firearms
  • Purchase of good used firearms
  • Sell your used firearms through our consignment program
  • Purchase through our layaway program structured to meet your financial needs
  • Upon the successfully harvesting of your game, let us arrange for the processing and packaging of your animal. Done locally and all at an affordable cost! Call (802) 889-3299 for details
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